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Omi Bhagtani, Vikram Ponappa, Vinoo Samuel, Vivek Bathija
Four men and a dream
Bangalore > Ladakh > Bangalore

That is a lousy shot we took the day before we set off on our trip... Anyway, here's a litle bit about the four of us:

Omi Alex Bhagtani - aka Cowboy Bob
Self-made entrepreneur and veteran traveller, Omi has been doing the Himalayas on a 350 Yamaha for many years now. This was his first trip on four wheels, and what a set of wheels he has!

omi's toyota landcruiser
omi's toyota landcruiser

Vikram Ponappa - aka Black Sheep
Architect and photographer, Vikram kept meticulous logs of our entire trip. This was his first major trip and he took some great shots too.

Vinoo Samuel - aka Scapegoat
Eternal vagabond & travel lover; designer & photographer of this website. Been on several great trips with Omi, this one being the most special of them all - so far.

Vivek Bathija - aka Director
Entrepreneur and ex-rallyist, Vivek was our other qualified driver on the trip. He and Omi shared the wheel al the way.