Thursday 8 | September '05

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the view from stok palace
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leh palace
on the way to stok palace
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a chorten
local dwelling
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the view from stok
the view from stok
shot from the palace
palace at dusk
Day 14 - Relaxing in Leh << | >>
Preparing for more...

Spent a lot of time today compiling the blog for the last two days. Had a leisurely breakfast at Dawa's in the morning sunlight listening to Sinead Lohan and Be Good Tanyas.

We decided to relax today to give Omi's back some time to recover from the Bactrian camel ride. While I spent half the day updating the blog Omi, Vivek and Vikram went into town.

Later in the evening Vikram, Vivek and I visited the Stok palace which, according to the guide there, has been around since 1825. As usual the view from Stok was spectacular, and we were there at dusk so the lighting was just perfect.

the stok palace
the stok palace

the view from stok palace
the view from stok palace

In Leh market, Omi had met 3 Bangalore boys doing a Ladakh trip on their bikes. Arun is a friend I met in Tavern, who likes my kind of music. We met up with them for dinner which was strange. Arun and I have been planning to meet outside of Tavern but have never got down to it, and here we were sitting together in Leh.

Highlights: The view from Stok Palace

Downsides: Getting viruses on my flash drive at the cyber cafe
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