Monday 12 | September '05

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sculpted landscape
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our camp at tsomoriri
the more plains
vikram at tsokar lake
river at pang
the way from pang
more on the way from pang
like sculpture
urial on the hillside
the gata loops
the gata loops
sculpted mountains
vikram on the edge
road ahead
abstract sculpture
road and river
wrinkled mountain
road and river again
view from the car
rocky mountain
winding us down
abstract sculpture
Day 18 - Sarchu - Our tryst with Ladakh ends << | >>
8.00am: Spangmik   >  Chushul  >  Nyoma  >  Tso Moriri :6.45pm

Had to pump the tyre with the compressor before leaving, a slow process because it is powered by the cigarette lighter socket of the car, and again we were lucky that the tyre held up.

Today was yet another brilliant day with an enchanting drive through some amazing terrain.

tsokar lake
tsokar lake

lachulungla pass
lachulungla pass

First was the fact that we crossed at least 5 passes during this drive, all of varying heights, starting with Tsakola, then Polakongla, an unidentified one (no boards, nothing), Lachulungla, and finally Nakeela.

Along the way we crossed the Rupsu Valley, the Kar Basin, the More plains, Tsokar Lake and village, all vast and stretching into the horizon. Two ranges were spectacular - one on the approach to Pang that looked like paintings and one after that looked like it was sculpted by some genius.

divine sculpture
divine sculpture

rugged mountainscape
rugged mountainscape

At Pang, we tried with a Punju puncture guy to repair the tyres, but he couldn't even take the tyres off the rims, and was clueless about tubeless tyres. Because he had a powerful compressor, we managed to deflate the one with the embedded bolt, fill it with sealant and then inflate it. This worked and the tyre held up much better, us not having to reinflate the whole day.

We then passed the Gata Loops, a series of 21 hairpin bends that wound their way down ahead of us, making us dizzy as we followed them down.

the gata loops begin
the gata loops begin

Spotting some tibetan antelopes and urial (another kind of local antelope) was the icing on the cake...

We finally landed at Sarchu and settled for the night in a tent owned by a Nepali couple. One corner of the tent was the kitchen and store and along two sides was an L shaped raised platform which was covered with dhurries, razais and pillows. It was cosy and warm and we had dinner in the tent before crashing for the night.

Sarchu is on the Himachal Pradesh border and our tryst with the beautiful Ladakh is over.

Highlights: The never ending More Plains, the serene drive

Downsides: No luck repairing the puncture at Pang
  << | >>
today's route (214)
day 18 km odo
Tsomoriri   184956
Tsakala 29 184985
Sumdho 13 184998
Polakongla 21 185019
Tsokar 22 185041
Unnamed Pass 11 185052
Pang 42 185094
Lachangla 21 185115
Nakeela 12 185127
Sarchu 43 185170
total 214 4540