Wednesday 14 | September '05

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river valley
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rohtang pass
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reaching manali
Day 20 - Manali - Back to tourist haunts << | >>
10.40am: Keylong   >  Rohtang Pass  >  Manali :6.15pm

We were told last evening that the road was opened for light traffic, so we left Keylong in the morning for Manali where we hoped to get the tyres done.

The drive was the toughest so far with narrow roads and heavy snowfall all the way up to Rohtang Pass and the way down.

green river
green river

On the way up to Rohtang we saw a truck coming towards us on treacherous road, and at one point, close to the edge of the road (fortunately the drop was only about 10 feet), we saw his load tilt dangerously towards the drop and his front left wheel actually lifted off the road. For a few seconds it stayed in the air, then the load swayed back towards the road and his forward momentum saved him from going over. All four of us had our hearts in our mouths and we were certain he was going to topple. Whew!

So we took the road nice and easy, and had lunch at a small dhaba on the way down to Manali.

The snow gave way to incessant rain once we got to lower altitudes closer to Manali and a lot of the picturesque countryside was lost to the drizzle and clouds.

a yak on the way
a yak on the way

We were glad to get down to Manali, where in 10 minutes a sardar tyre expert quickly borugh both our tyres back into shape and we went straight to Banon Resorts (I know the people there), to settle down for the night.

We got a great cottage with a huge sitting room and two big double bedrooms and two really lovely balconies. If you're looking for a luxury holiday in Manali I can most definitely vouch for Banon Resorts.

inviting waterfall
inviting waterfall

We intend to relax in Manali tomorrow. Since we heard the roads are bad and much of Lahaul Spiti blocked (to get there we'll have to go through Rohtang again), we may change our plans and go elsewhere.

Highlights: Getting the tyres done, the luxurious Banon Resorts

Downsides: News that the weather and roads ahead are getting worse
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today's route - 119 km
day 20 km odo
Keylong   185280
Tandi 10 185290
Sissu 22 185312
Khoksar 15 185327
Rohtang 20 185347
Gramphoo 16 185363
Marhi 20 185383
Kothi 22 185385
Palchan 4 185389
Manali 10 185399
total 119 4769