Friday 16 | September '05

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the beas
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Day 22 - Nagini - Himalayan Trout House << | >>
10.15am: Manali   >  Kullu  >  Banjar  >  Nagini :1.00pm

Set off for Tiirthan Valley where Omi and Vivek hoped to get some fishing done. The original plan was to stop at the fising lodge run by Raju Bharti in Tiirthan, recommended by Raju Banon, but all along the way we saw boards leading to The Himalayan Trout House, so the moment we reached there, we stopped.

The other reason for this was that the river was almost in spate and we were told that there were landslides further up - in fact there was one just after the fishing Lodge which we saw later after we checked in at The Himalayan Trout House.

Once we settled down and met Christopher Mitra who runs the place and is an avid fly angler himself, we went back downstream around 4.30pm to see if the guys could catch some fish.

waiting for a bite
vivek waiting for a bite

waiting for a bite
omi waiting for a bite

Neither of them had any luck so we got back to our tents for a pleasant night with the gushing Thirthan River as a lullaby.

Highlights: The lush and refreshing drive to Tirthan

Downsides: The fishermen had no luck at all
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today's route - 96 km
day 22 km odo
Manali   185410
Kullu 37 185447
Aut 31 185478
Largi 4 185482
Banjar 18 185500
Nagini 6 185506
total 96 4865