Monday 5 | September '05

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Day 11 - In Leh - making arrangements << | >>
chilling out, planning for tomorrow...

Spent the day planning our itinerary, getting our various permits and pottering around Leh. The Ladakh Festival is on, so the town is bustling with activity, with hundreds of people coming in on packed buses, some even sitting on the roof. We plan to check out some of the Festival Activities when we get back from Nubra Valley.

We did up the car, cleaned the air filter, etc., shopped a bit and generally relaxed. Found a cyber cafe from where I checked my mail and updated the travel blog, while the others explored Leh.

I remember feeling completely under the weather in May because I had acclimatisation problems, so I was personally quite relieved to just relax and catch my breath in preparation for our climb tomorrow.

We had lunch at the Tibetan Kitchen in Leh, recommended by Dawa, and while the food was good, the attitude was typical of places that prefer to give better service to white skins and ignore the desis.

We went up to the Shanti Stupa from where the view of Leh and the mountains was simply stupendous. Every monastery in Leh is at a vantage point that simply takes your breath away.

view from shanti stupa
the view from the shanti stupa

shanti stupa
4 of us at shanti stupa

Met an Australian who was travelling around in a Mercedes camper, and spent some time checking out the vehicle. He even had a TVS 50 moped strapped to the camper at the back for his in-town commuting. This is the way to travel if you ask me - all the time in the world, and your own private space to chill out in regardless of where you land up.

Highlights: Relaxing in Leh, the view from Shanti Stupa

Downsides: Vague feeling of uneasiness while getting acclimatised
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