Friday 26 | August '05

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sunset on the tungabhadra
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sunset on the tungabhadra
Day 1 - Minor hiccups on the way to Hyderabad >>
6.30am: Bangalore  >  Kurnool  >  Hyderabad :10.30pm

After months of anticipation, the four of us set off at the crack of dawn as planned, but barely had we reached Devanahalli when the power steering hose sprang a leak - not the original Toyota but a replacement part for the Matiz which was the only option available in Bangalore when Omi was doing the car up for the trip. We pulled up at Devanahalli, but there was no way we were going to find a mechanic who could deal with it there.

So Omi and I got back to Bangalore by bus just in time for peak hour traffic (just when we thought we had left it all behind), to pick up another spare. We called up BK, a friend of ours, who dropped us back at Devanahalli with many a muttered envious curse along the way, and we finally set off from Devanahalli close to 1.30.

It was probably a good thing we thought - getting rid of any jinxes barely before we started. We were just about discussing this among ourselves when the next problem surfaced.

repairing the power steering hose
repairing the power steering hose

We discovered that an old tiny crack in the windshield (Omi's plan was to get an origial windscreen and power steering hose in Delhi, since Bangalore still doesn't have such things in ready stock) started snaking its way across the glass. It stopped when it got to about 10 inches, so we're going on ahead after discussing options like getting it couriered from Delhi to Hyderabad.

the crack in the windshield
the crack in the windshield

The roads, barring a few patches, were great and the weather was good too, with occasional spells of rain. Lunch was at a nice dhaba called Sathya Sagar (a Tamil dhaba in Andhra), our logic being that the more truckers we see at an eating place, the better the food will be. True enough the chicken was excellent and the meal infinitely better than dinner at Hotel Raj International, a new hotel in Hyderabad where we finally found a roof for the night.

Service was bad, the papads and extra rotis came 15 minutes after we had all finished eating, and they had no Internet connectivity. Of course, all the cyber cafes were closed by the time we settled in for the night. It amazes me how difficult it is to find Internet connectivity even today, even in places like Hyderabad. Be prepared for longer gaps between blog posts when we hit the mountains! And as for Omi's Spice mobile, the WAP can be enabled only from the next billing cycle, their systems don't allow any other option (are we in 2005 or what?), so I can't even moblog yet.

sunset at hyderabad
sunset at hyderabad

By the way, don't try asking for directions or for hotels in Hyderabad. Most people have no clue about anything, and each one who does, points in a different direction.

Highlights: Dhaba chicken, sunset on the Tungabhadra

Downsides: Power steering hose and windscreen crack
today's route - 579 km
day 1 km odo
Bangalore   180350
42 180392
22 180414
205 180619
91 180710
132 180842
Hyderabad 87 180929
total 579 579