Monday 19 | September '05

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the plains again
Day 25 - Delhi - the end of the trip for me <<
10.40am: Hilltop View  >  Chandigarh  >  Delhi :8.40pm

It was a pity to leave the mountains and get back to the plains, but all good things must come to an end, so we started our drive back to Delhi and reached comfortably by around 2 in the afternoon.

The first thing we did was to get the car done, all the oil changes, filter cleaning, etc., and by around 4pm, while the guys checked into Number 10 Sundernagar, a nice old guest house, I set off to Song's place in CR Park, tired but head still in the mountains.

All that's left now is a relatively boring drive back to Bangalore, which I've decided to avoid. I plan to spend some time in Delhi meeting up with old friends and then fly down at leisure.

Omi Vikram and Vivek leave tomorrow on the drive back to Bangalore, this time via Rajasthan to escape the terrible roads in Madhya Pradesh.

Highlights: A relaxed drive back

Downsides: The blues, now the trip is over...
today's route - 352 km
day 25 km odo
Hilltop View   185781
Kiratpur 22 185803
Ropar 29 185832
Chandigarh 36 185868
Karnal 56 185924
Panipat 111 186035
Delhi 98 186133
total 352 5433