Monday 29 | August '05

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Day 4 - In the capital << | >>
6.35am: Agra  >  Mathura  >  Delhi :12.35pm

Got into Delhi around 12 in the afternon after getting caught in the mother of all jams outside near Faridabad where there was some road work happening.

Went straight to Khan Market to get the windshield changed and the AC repaired (it keeps going off whenever it feels like, and doesn't really care what we're feeling like). We won't need it much in the mountains anyways, and if we survived the heat getting into Delhi without an AC, we can pretty much handle everything I'm sure.

While getting the windscreen changed, we had lunch at Khan Market and Omi and I also managed to get haircuts, while Vikram got a head massage.

windshield repair
repairing the windshield...

Once we got the windscreen changed we dropped in at Palika Bazaar, CP, and then went across to my friends' (Sangeeta and Davis') pad - where we spent a relaxed night preparing for the rest of the journey.

We need to get the AC done the first half of tomorrow and hopefully we set off for Chandigarh to begin the second leg - where the real action begins!

Highlights: A relaxed dinner and chat at Song and Davis' pad, playing with their kids Ayaan and Agasthya.

Downsides: Repairwork in the heat of Delhi.
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today's route - 312 km
day 4 km odo
Gwalior 182166
Morena 43 182209
Dholpur 27 182236
Agra 50 182286
Mathura 54 182340
Palwal 93 182433
Faridabad 23 182456
Delhi 22 182478
total 312 2128