Wednesday 7 | September '05

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a view of leh
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the shanti stupa
a leh monastery
Day 13 - Back to Leh << | >>
9.15am: Diskit  >  Khalsar   >  Khardungla  >  Leh :2.10pm

I was sorry to leave Diskit behind, but we had to get back to Leh to pick up our stuff and carry on the rest of our journey. We got back to Leh fairly early around lunch time and then relaxed for the rest of the day.

The Bactrian camel didn't do Omi's back any good and he ended up having to buy a lumbar belt. We will probably chill out in Leh tomorrow so he can rest his back before we continue.

a great view of the shanti stupa
a great view of the shanti stupa

At night we were invited to a party thrown by Dawa, the owner of Oriental Guest House, in honour of his cute little daughter, Nordun's birthday. We bought her a little bag as a gift and joined all the foreign tourists and Dawa's local friends for the party and bonfire. One of the whites had a guitar and there was some community singing of Beatles songs followed by some dancing and a late dinner. I put on some of my Iranian dance music and got the dance floor rocking for a while.

Dinner was excellent (Dawa's food is one of the main reasons you should stay here if you ever visit), and we settled down for the night relaxed and happy and prepared for more good times to come.

Highlights: The birthday party at Dawa's

Downsides: Omi's minor back problem
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today's route - 115 km
day 13 km odo
Diskit   184289
Khalsar 21 184310
Khardung 24 184334
North Pullu 16 184350
Khardungla 16 184366
South Pullu 14 184380
Leh 24 184404
total 115 3870